11th Aspat International Open-Air Painting and Sculpture Symposium



Symposiums, which is the first example of painting and sculpture, and watched with great interest every year AspatArt of Painting and Sculpture Symposium, Bodrum, continues to create a Contemporary Arts Center and Museum.

11th Symposium of Painting and Sculpture AspatArt Sculpture and painting workshops open to the public in the work has started on 26 August 2013.

As a result of 11 years of painting and sculpture continued to be stable AspatArt Sculpture Park and Arts Center, 66th International Sculpture by Artist painter 66 140 66 sculptures and painting art lovers in Bodrum bay Aspat ...

Part of the celebrations for 11 years, which will take place between August 26 -15 September 2013 Sculpture and Painting Workshops, efforts to create new works of art and sculptures that have been made for 11 years, to the promotion for Bodrum, Bodrum Bodrum, the way lovers and invites everyone.

11th International Symposium of Painting and Sculpture Aspat Year events in honor of reaching 11 years, coming together around this event, painters, sculptors, writers, and those who witnessed the event honored to share with lovers for Bodrum and Bodrum.

The formation of an open-air Sculpture Park in 11 years, performing in the Sculpture Symposium and the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art AspatArt AspatArt performing art events, Bodrum, Aspat'a Arts Centre has earned identity.