College of Art by name A. Kasteev

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Date of birth: 13.10.1960 Birth place: Saryagash region of South-Kazakhstan district
Marital status: married Phone: 8 777- 226-19-67, E-mail: turgunbai_bolat
College of Art by name A. Kasteev, 1977 – 1981 Shymkent (vocational secondary education)
Almaty National theatrical-artistic institute,1984 – 1989
branch of monumental-decorative painting (higher education)

Teacher of the Kazakh national from 1990, 
Academy of arts by name T. Zhurgenov, holder of “Painting” chair, professor

“Zhangyryk” (Exhibit room of Artists Union - 1993 of Kazakhstan);
“Bayaban”, devoted to 150-year of Abai – 1995 (Tengti-Umai gallery);
“Pirimmenin” (“ARK” gallery); 1999
“Syrlyshakhar”, devoted to the Turkestan - 2000 
Anniversary (Tengti-Umai gallery);
“Sahidunie”, devoted to 50-year of the Kazakh - 2005
National Academy of arts by name T. Zhurgenov
(“Khassanat” gallery, Astana);
“Azel” (“Oyu” gallery); - 2007
“Samuryk” (Exhibit room of Artists Union - 2010 of Kazakhstan);

Member of young artists Union of from – 1995 
Republic of Kazakhstan

Member of Artists Union from - 1998
Republic of Kazakhstan

Participant of the international exhibitions.Diplomat of the international art festival.
Works are kept in The Presidential center of culture in Astana, National central museumof Republic of Kazakhstan, modern art galleries “ARK”, “Tengri-Umai”, “Khassanat”, Belgium’s, Japan’s, German’s, Turkey’s, USA’s, Pakistan’s and FSR’s private collections.


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